In 2012 Ace Volleyball Club came into the club volleyball world to set a statement for future clubs to follow.  This was no easy task with the "Calgary Volleyball Club Wor;d" being a hostile dog eat dog environment.   With only 3 teams and 2 coaches Ace Volleyball Club pushed ran against the current to create opportunity for athletes aged 8-18 a chance to play volleyball at competitive environment.

Going into year 6 Ace Volleyball Club is now one of the largest clubs in Canada with over 20 teams and 50+ staff.  Beyond The Game is proud to be the provider of the Ace Volleyball Club website that receives over 50 000 hits per year. With this many teams Beyond The Game works with hotels all around the world to ensure high quality safe accommodation for all the Ace athletes, coaches, and staff.  Ace Volleyball Club has also raised over $135 000 for local children's charities marking them a unique family environment while staying competitive on the club circuit.



Alberta Super League is a brand new leauge for youth and adults in Alberta Canada.  This league is a first of its kind and Beyond The Game is excited about launching the new ASL website for the upcoming league.  

Alberta Super League is currently at 2 divisions and 12 teams with anticipation to grow to 5 divisions and 30 teams within the first 18 months. 

Beyond The Game is excited about this upcoming opportunity to work with ASL to keep their goals and success a priority in the upcoming months.

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