Beyond The Game Sports Management Recruiting App and Showcase events are a crucial tool and opportunity for athletes looking to play at the next level.  Athletes who have used these tools have seen huge amounts of success have had and continue to have amazing success. Lets take a look at where are athletes are now after participating in either the Showcase and/or using our Recruiting App.


Sarah Johnson- Grand Prairie College -Alberta South Showcase
Kristin Gretener- John Jay College NYC -Alberta South Showcase
Kendall Pavicic- Medicine Hat College -Alberta South Showcase
Ryann Stasiak- Grand Prairie College-Alberta North Showcase
Hunter Arulpragasam- University of Toronto -BC Showcase
Russell Chan- Concordia College -BC Showcase
Taryn Grandia- Trinity Western University -BC Showcase
Tabitha Knodel- Douglas College -BC Showcase
Tyson Hofer- Trinity Western University -BC Showcase
Maggie Maskiewich- Douglas College -BC Showcase
Riley Brunet- Brandon University -Alberta South Showcase
Zach Van Geel- UBC Okanagan -Alberta South Showcase
Keelyn Criss- Ottawa University Kansas -Alberta South Showcase
Brynn Hardy- Briercrest College- Alberta North Showcase
Kyra Rawlusyk- University of Augustana- Alberta South Showcase
Talia Attieh- Douglas College -BC Showcase
Kallie Ball- Brandon University -BC Showcase
Cole Hemmerling- Lethbridge College- Alberta South Showcase
Jacob Breton- Mount Royal University -Alberta South Showcase
Brooke Young- Durham College -Alberta South Showcase
Juhan Park- Douglas College -BC Showcase
Reese Rowland- Douglas College -BC Showcase
Ben Pike- Columbia Bible College -BC Showcase
Kevin Douglas- Saint Thomas University -BC Showcase
Emilie Pregal- Ambrose College University -BC Showcase
Danielle Smith- Neumann University -Alberta North Showcase
Kiera Rempel- Briercrest College -Alberta North Showcase
Alisia Lush- Durham College- Alberta South Showcase
Mya Scoble- Grand Prairie College -Alberta North Showcase
Jenna Reich- Concordia University -Alberta North Showcase
Morgann Reinhart- Olivet College -Alberta North Showcase
Emma Thompson- Concordia College -Alberta North Showcase
Kacey De Jong- Briercrest College -BC Showcase
Cassandra Klinger- University of Augustana- AB South Showcase
Sibby Bos- Capilano College- BC Showcase
Madison Macaulay- Olds College- AB South Showcase
Cassidy Unrau- Durham College- BC Showcase
Allie Moore- University of Alberta- AB North Showcase
Max Penner-University of Calgary- AB South Showcase
Damon Lor- University of Calgary- AB South Showcase
Sophie Krupp- Vancouver Island University- AB South Showcase
Payton Van Driesten- SAIT- AB South Showcase
Verona Valero- SAIT- AB South Showcase
Reese Rowland- Douglas College- BC Showcase
Ava Beisal- Holland College- AB South Showcase
Taylor English- SAIT- AB South Showcase

AND STILL MORE TO COME................